You make this too easy, Virginia

26 Apr

You.. You.. what are you doing?! I can’t take this seriously but I have to because it’s real and it’s happening. I am behind on the news, clearly, because this post would’ve been written quite a while ago had I heard.

So…. Republican nominee for Governor of Virginia AND the State Attorney general both back Virginia’s anti-sodomy law under the “Crime Against Nature” law. But.. but.. not just anal sex, which we’ve heard many times before, also oral sex. That one was a surprise.

While I’m laughing my ass off, I do give credit to them for at least having a consistent stance and that is something I find refreshing with those who wish to control sex so much through law. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight in this law. Neither homosexual or heterosexual consenting adults would be allowed to perform either acts. So bisexuality it is? Technically, you could get around that.

What is increasingly hilarious to me about ideas like this being pushed is that it is nearly always pushed by the extreme right or the extreme religious. I expect this from the religious. That makes sense to me. I don’t know if it says anything in the bible about oral sex but I’m pretty sure sodomy is generally not accepted. I respect people who try to follow their religious text dutifully. People of the same religion usually cry out, “Hey those people are crazy!” Well, so is religion. It’s nuts. It’s all over the place and at least those people are fairly honest about it. I always respect honesty.

But the extreme right, so called “conservatives” and defenders of the constitution (they do believe they respect our constitution far more than liberals. Both are highly debatable).. this perplexes me. I was raised Republican. I was always on the fence. Was I Republican or Independent? I didn’t know but I didn’t really care too much about party titles. I did care about conservative values. Pushing to control people’s sex lives is pushing to control their lives.

Please tell me, how are you going to enforce these laws? I’d.. love to hear it. Big brother much? 🙂

Anyway, does this law apply to fellatio? Or just cunnilingus?
As a friend of mine said today, “If you put the word Virginia in a political news story, I know it’s going to be ridiculous. Put West Virginia in front of it and I’ve stopped listening.” That’s not exactly what she said but the same point.

Though I do understand why people are pushing so hard to “go back to the way it was.” People often romanticize the “yesteryears.” I’m not sure what his fantasy society is, exactly, but it seems Biblical based. News flash: while it may sound like times were great then, you know, “good rules” for everyone to go by.. it sucked for a lot of people. There’s a reason why we stopped believing people who say god was talking to them through a burning bush.

Sorry for the religious rant there. I do respect everyone’s right to believe what they want to believe (for instance, I am against the Toronto judge’s ruling that the sexual assault victim has to take off her head covering. She is of muslim faith and while I understand that judge’s reasoning, it directly violates her religious freedom. However that’s Canada, not America and I don’t know their laws). But we are trying to create a safe, healthy society for everyone. Not just Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Atheists. For everyone.

Funny how the people who are often angry and shouting our constitution is being violated are the ones doing the violating.

Besides, oral sex and anal sex is fun! AND good for your health. Semen is protein and prevents tooth decay. And .. don’t forget: Happy wife, happy life. Just saying


2 Responses to “You make this too easy, Virginia”

  1. barb April 27, 2013 at 2:29 am #

    I’m still of the generation where what you do in the bedroom (or car or tent or wherever) isn’t talked about, just enjoyed. In other words, who’s going to know what I do?


  1. Blurred Lines: She Wants It? | Modern Sex Culture - October 1, 2013

    […] DUDE. STOP. TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO FUCK IN BED. SERIOUSLY. If we wanted that, we’d let Virginia’s insane attempt to pass a law against oral sex happen. Just.. UGH. It’s not up to you to decide what is grading for one person or another. […]

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