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Sexting: The Naughty Pics

16 Sep

It’s all the latest rage. C’mon! Everyone’s doing it! It’s the latest rage sending naughty photos of yourself to a boyfriend/girlfriend, buddy with benefits, husband, wife or a potential love/sex interest. It can be fun but don’t forget the golden rule, “Once it’s out there, it’s out there.” You can’t guarantee the person you sent it to will delete the photos or that they didn’t send it to someone else or that someone else won’t go rummaging through their phone and accidentally see it. Its the same with putting photos on the internet. Absolutely anyone who has access can share those photos with anyone they choose. It never truly goes away. There are records, you know.

Here is a decent article about how to protect your naughty pics on your phone.

Teen sexting is a bit of a concern for me. I’m completely aware teenagers are curious (rebellious) creatures and will find a way to do the things they’re not “supposed” to do. It wasn’t too long ago I was a teenager (Oy. It’s amazing I didn’t get into more trouble than I did and that’s all I’m gonna say about that). I used to have naughty conversations on the phone or write love/lust letters to my (one) boyfriend in high school.. It’s fairly risky but not nearly as risky as sexting. I have two reactions to this as an adult. 1) What are you doing?!! You’re too young for that! 2) What are you doing?!! These are records your parents have access to! It’s like kids these days do not care about being sneaky.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

Personally, I am all for protecting young adults. I know, I know.. its so laaaaame we’re stopping your fun but dudes, dudettes, trust me.. there is some fun that causes far too much trouble for someone so young. It can quickly get out of control. A guy or girl who you have a limited relationship, or maybe full-on-love-fest relationship starts sending you naughty photos to get naughty photos of you, or asks you to send naughty photos, may have good intentions of just enjoying you for themselves.. but what if one night they’re drunk and having fun with friends? What if they want to show you off? What if they’re not drunk and are suddenly very excited talking about you and they share that naughty photo just meant for their eyes?

If you are living in America and are under the age of 18, you are potentially setting up yourselves to be charged with a felony. Teens, I want you to have fun and enjoy and talk and explore.. but just wait a few years, will ya? You can do whatever you want when you’re 18 (except drink. Pfft.).. The naughty photo meant for one person’s eyes can also wreak havoc in your person life. It could be published on any social media outlet. Sure, you’re on good terms with them now but what about later?

That issue also affects adults. Those photos could come back to haunt you. I have a horror story about sexting. Well, it wasn’t really sexting. I had a stripper friend sent me a pic of herself for her ad she was thinking about posting for work. She asked me to upload online to Photobucket but I accidentally uploaded it to Facebook for 5 minutes! OH god. I was so humiliated. I felt truly awful I betrayed her trust so easily even though it was an accident. Since it was for advertising you’d think it’d be okay but it wasn’t because it was just a small photo to put up where she worked so customers could see who was working that night. She was discreet about her job (see last post about the kind of abuse strippers face). It was very bad it was on Facebook for even those five minutes.

Meh. But don’t they also say you regret more of what you didn’t do rather than what you did do? Personally, I think it’s awesome when adults feel comfortable enough either in themselves or with the person they’re sharing them with, to share! It’s so much fun being open and silly with a lover, a partner or a friend. I especially love it when couples (even better: married couples) exchange naughty messages. It’s inspiring for us youngins are still single or dating or looking to be married or recently married. There is sooooo much negativity out there. America’s divorce rates have risen above 50%. Europeans aren’t even getting married (but staying in committed relationships); Eastern women are avoiding marriage (for other reasons stated here via the Economist) and all in all: marriage is getting a bad rap!

A small tangent but something I think about from time to time. I think naughty pics on your cell phone can be awesome.. Just be nice to each other.

I feel like this is how I keep ending my thoughts about issues in the world. “People! Just be nice!” There should be a “Just Be Nice” campaign. Maybe I’ll start that if it hasn’t begun already.

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