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Slut Shaming Workshop in Public Schools!

6 May

Hey everyone!

An exciting opportunity “came across my desk” (heh because I don’t have one. I have a dining table, a couch and a bed to work on. My favorite spaces), last week. A school contacted Slutwalk Seattle (of which I am honored to help organize this year) and ask if someone was willing to come and present a Slut Shaming workshop in their school for Mental Health Awareness Day.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. It’s something I’ve been craving to do because it’s NEEDED. It’s great the college campuses are places we can pursue activities like this but.. really, slut shaming starts in high school (and junior high). High school is when we’re confronted with this stuff head on and it’s hard. It’s confusing. Kids get mixed up in stuff they don’t mean to .. who can they talk to?

I’m really proud of Seattle for being so open minded and coming to Slutwalk for this. We are the experts! What an incredible deal. My heart is pumping. I’m not too nervous about messing up (I’m sure that will happen) or stumbling on my words or .. maybe not always knowing what to say because we’re all in this together. This is.. I think, a first in many ways. I mean.. IN HIGH SCHOOL?!!! How fantastic!

I’m just not used to talk to minors about it so it’s interesting ground to walk through. Phew… Heart is pounding today. This is epic. Epic. I could kiss the ground and oh if there was a god, well, and you’re behind it? Well.. I’m happy for this. It’s a huge step toward progress to be able to have this conversation. Unreal.

I’m giddy and pinching myself. Just thought I’d share this excitement while I’m finalizing my draft. I feel like a “real person” now.. Really, doing what I love and changing the world in my own small way 🙂 I could cry. I probably will but hopefully afterward *laughs*



Can’t wait to update you on how it goes 🙂 Hopefully this is the start of much more to come!

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