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Can Sex Work Be a Positive Thing?

22 Nov

Well, it’s late and I’d really like to dive into this topic right now.. but it’s late and I need to go to bed, soon. But I ran across an interesting discussion about sex workers. It invoked a lot of emotions, a lot of opinions.. and I’m wondering what you think about legalized prostitution? and How do you view prostitution, strippers, fetish models, porn actors? Is it okay to be one? Why or why not?


Also, read this article called, “Redefining Sex Work.” It’s long, I’ll warn you.. but it’s fantastic. What do you think? Do you think it’s possible for it to be healthy? or no? Tell me! I wanna know!

She Strips, So What?

15 Sep

A fabulous article on the abuse, outlandish criticism (not to mention, outdated) and shaming so called “progressive” women push onto each other. I can’t stand behind feminism if it doesn’t respect a woman’s choice to work where she wants to work. I couldn’t agree more with this author’s thoughts.

To pursue a freer, safer sexual society, we need to educate and remember to respect each other; no matter their career paths.

Old School Feminists Need to Respect Women’s Choices

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