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W. Va Schools Face Deciding to Including Sexuality in Anti-Bullying Policy

8 Nov

SeattlePI.com reports that the 75-page student conduct and disciplinary policy, which will be voted on December 14, lists 12 common reasons a child could be bullied, including race; color; religion; gender; ancestry; national origin; socioeconomic status; academic status; physical appearance; and mental, physical or developmental disability.

It’s the inclusion of gender identity or expression and sexual orientation that have some groups, such as the Family Policy Council, labeling the policy ‘dangerous and expansive.'” ( “Proposed Anti-Bullying Policy for W. Va. Schools Sparks Controversy” by Winston Gieseke for http://www.advocate.com)

No matter what an individual thinks of the LGBT community, this is a good policy to have in place. I understand the discomfort of parents who send their children to any W. Virginia schools. I understand that some people feel being gay is wrong and they do not want their children exposed to it.

But the truth is there is a lot of heartache for children who are being picked on because they either are, might be, or are suspected to be gay. I’m sure gay kids are not the only ones who are picked on. Kids find any reason to bully each other if they want to. This policy protects their children further but it’s scary because it may put pressure on parents to talk about what “gay” is and then they are further challenged .. because it forces them to set a good example.

I was just asking myself this question the other day: How do I be understanding and accepting while not accepting things I don’t believe in, into my life?

It’s a tough question and not an easy situation but it is simple. The thing all Americans love to boast is that no matter if I agree with you, you have a right to speak out and I have a right not to listen. It’s my freedom. I love this philosophy behind being an American.

I think it was five years ago when the KKK marched in a town I lived in. I could not disagree more with the KKK’s beliefs. They make me sick to my stomach but if I take away their right to speak freely and live as they wish (as long as they are not doing anything illegal), then who is to say mine cannot also be taken away?

No matter how strongly opposed to the idea of being gay a person might be.. they have a right to be here and to be protected.  It may disgust some, but they do have a right to pursue happiness in any way they see fit (again, as long as it isn’t illegal).

We need this policy for those children who are being picked whether or not they’re gay. It simply isn’t right and that is what parents should focus on; the good of all.


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