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French Woman Sues Ex-Husband for Sex

6 Sep

A 51-year-old French man is being sued by his ex-wife because he did not have sex with her for much of their marriage. Here is the link for the story but I summed it up with that first sentence.

When someone has committed themselves to a monogamous marriage, it is understood that person they are committed to is the one and only person they will have sex with. Practice and theory are quite different but this idea is what it is and these two people have chosen this with their own free thinking minds. Of course, I’m assuming no one was forced into this arrangement.

The Frenchman’s lawyer argues on his client was not sexually active with his (ex) wife due to work stress and illness.

I’m a little repulsed by the idea of sex being my “duty” to anyone. I have sex with someone because I choose to, not because I have to. Okay, I’m not a little repulsed; I’m disgusted with the phrasing. Even though someone has vowed to be with their partner “until death do us part,” assuming they used traditional Christian vows, does anyone owe anyone else sex? Even your life partner?

I do think having sex with your partner is a vital and essential part of taking care of their well being but that is also a deeply personal thing. I am choosing to allow that person inside my body, or in a man’s case he chooses to be inside of someone else. I firmly believe in traditional marriage values but I also believe that I have ownership over my own body, no matter what. I feel my partner has that same authority of their body. No one gets to decide for me what I do with my body and no one should pressure me either.

This woman’s move to sue her ex-husband for lack of sex disgusts me. Sue him for many things, if you wish, but you have no ownership over his body.

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